First little drop of my life hits this space today.

Being an ardent writer from within (Of course! that’s an exaggeration :P. This is my very first blog by any means! ) I always thought of blogging some of the most beautiful memories I pass by. And finally, the time has come.

I thought to pen down tit-bits of year 2016 to start with. I am a fan of my colleague and friend Raji’s space here. I read all her blogs “n” number of times already. And so is my reason to choose this space to scribble.

Wandering into this a little, I found my colleague Vidya’s space. For the past two days I am almost drenched inside the pool of Mother V’s posts forgetting the very purpose of my entry. My eyes started paining but still I was unable to put myself a stop to read her posts, they are lovely indeed! As the pain passed on to my head, I am forced to put a stop here.

Will come up with the tit-bits soon..

Now, this is enough for a starter …. Wait for the flood anytime soon …